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Bhagwati Education LLP was made a reality by Prof. Bhavesh Rajani, an Educator, a logician, a polymath who has always been known and recognised for his in-depth knowledge and experience across various disciplines. He has a philosophy that, “Real education is conceptual and permanent rather than it being temporary and merely exam-oriented”.

In his quest to provide quality education to help students not only to clear their examinations with ease but also to give them a Deep, long-lasting knowledge, he started “Bhagwati Education LLP”, a firm which has set forth to give students an enriching, long-lasting and impactful learning experience across different professional courses.

The conceptualization of Bhagwati Education LLP can be traced to a period when Prof. Bhavesh Rajani interacted with students from different demographics who struggled to find a structured platform for learning and were witnessing a dearth of guide who can lead them to their desired goals. Moreover, he further analysed that approaches lacked harmonious flow, necessary visualization and detailing which made the journey of a student a more uphill task.

Keeping these essentials of teaching in mind the journey of Bhagwati Education LLP began. The ideation of the firm was done with a clear ideology in mind which was to set up a logical flow for each subject, creating an immersive visual experience and develop an approach to counter examinations in the most apt manner.

A group of exciting young professionals when rub shoulders with the yesteryear mavericks they muster plethora of pedagogy which is not only different but also value adding. Every faculty associated with us, carries the same ethos and ideologies thereby providing education like no other. We tread the roads of Passion, Dedication and Hard-work to deliver what we have set forth above.


To be an Institute of highest order seeking, co-creating and proliferating knowledge with the help of empowered partners constantly envisaging innovation and adapting to ever changing environmental fabric.


We at Bhagwati Education LLP provide services in the field of learning to our esteemed clients by creating the most engaging content and thus quenching their need for knowledge and education. As a team of well-versed and excited individuals from different walks of life, we endeavor to deliver products/services which create maximum value addition for its receiver.

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Our Instructors

Bhavesh Rajani
Bhavesh Rajani is the founding partner of Bhagwati Education LLP. He is an Educator, a Logician, a polymath with over 12 years of experience in the field of Education. He has been an inspiration to many.

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Sandip Sengupta
Sandip Sengupta is a prominent name for Economics across the whole country. He has a Master’s Degree in Economics and specialises in Mathematical Economics.

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CA Sunil Amlani
CA Sunil Amlani became a Chartered Accountant at the age of 21. He has an in-depth knowledge and expertise in Accounting. He has an experience of over 10 years in the field of Education.

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CA Chirag Akhani
CA Chirag Akhani is a Chartered Accountant having an experience of over 8 years in the field of Education. He has subject expertise for Enterprise Information System (EIS).

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CA Dalbir Singh Babra
CA Dalbir Singh Babra was a student of the founder -Bhavesh Rajani, conducted in 2011 in Bangalore, and now has become a core faculty member at Bhagwati Education LLP.

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CA Rohit R
CA Rohit R was a student of Bhavesh Rajani, the founder. He has experience as a practicing Chartered Accountant and specializes in the field of tax.

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